Success story of Maria*

Success story of Betty*
June 13, 2016
CEO’s Desk – Unlocking Potential
July 3, 2016

Success story of Maria*

Maria’s mother abandoned her as a newborn baby in bushes close to an informal settlement. On her way to conduct her home visits, a social worker found the baby crying. She reported the case at the local police station. The mother could not be found. Children’s court proceedings followed and Maria was placed in foster care at Vastfontein Community Transformation. In the safe and nurturing environment of Vastfontein Maria is developing from strength to strength. She is currently in grade R and is an intelligent, happy and pretty little girl enjoying the stimulating activities of the school.

Maria has a close relationship with her foster mother, who loves her like an own child. Maria’s biggest fear is that her foster mother will leave her.

With Vastfontein Community Transformation Maria’s hopes and dreams for the future are endless.

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