Success story of Sarah, Dorah and Tshepo*

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June 13, 2016
Success story of Betty*
June 13, 2016

Success story of Sarah, Dorah and Tshepo*


Three siblings, Sarah (14 years), Dorah (11 years) and Tshepo (5 years) came to school always hungry and wearing dirty clothes. Despite this they performed academically well. After a home visit by the social worker from Vastfontein it was established that the children were orphaned, homeless and very poor. A social worker from the Department of Social Development intervened, children’s court proceedings followed and the children were placed in foster care of Vastfontein Community Transformation.

Sarah is currently in grade 7 and is performing academically very well. She is no longer worrying about heading a household and taking care of her siblings. Now she can focus on her school work – she has potential to become the top achiever in her grade.

Dorah is in grade 5 and is doing well in school. Her school marks has improved dramatically since her placement in Vastfontein. She has made friends with other children in the care homes.

Tshepo is in the crèche and is enjoying the stimulating milieu and relationship with other children of his age.

If it was not for Vastfontein Community Transformation Sarah, Dorah and Tshepo would end up in dropping out of school, begging on street corners and becoming part of the vicious circle of poverty.

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