Thank you AFGRI for Kumon

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May 2, 2016
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Thank you AFGRI for Kumon

Thank you to AFGRI that got involved in the uplifting of our Care Home children by providing additional educational means that would make them excel through sponsoring them for the Kumon programme. With the help of House mom Irene, they really excel! She spends time with the children each afternoon, making sure that they are working diligently, neatly and thoroughly.

Very good principles have being established such as good time keeping. Mamma Irene initially had to make sure that the children would start working at the same time every day. After a few days the new routine was well established and at this stage the children are never late and are often early and eager to start. Child 1 initially was working very carefully and slowly and didn’t have much confidence in what she was doing. She now is working much faster and her confidence level in her ability to master mathematics has increased a great deal.

Initially Child 2 did not work very neatly and often came to class with dirty hands. This has changed completely. He is now taking the work very seriously and is always working neatly, accurately and fast. We could even see a change in his approach to his cello lessons – always coming to lessons with clean hands.

All three children are working more accurately, neater and faster. We can see that they are proud of what they are doing.

All three has a lot of potential and I can see the dream coming true, day by day, where these children are being uplifted to a level from where they can be launched into this world to go and make a difference in the lives of others.

Another very positive “side effect” of the program is the effect the new discipline is having on the other Care Home children. One of the older girls, not being part of the program, took initiative by starting her own classes by teaching the smaller ones who are eagerly learning to spell, to add and to subtract. She does these classes while the Kumon program is running.

The children are learning and seeing for themselves the wonderful fruits of constant and diligent hard work.

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