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Our Dream

We bring quality education to a previously disadvantaged community with the support of our partners in the ICT sector. Our first step towards this was the establishment of our school. The school put us in a position to expose our pupils to technology, thereby releasing more of their potential. This was accomplished with our Digital Hub that was sponsored by Dartcom (Pty) Ltd and delivered by Got-Game. This provides our children with possibilities for their future that was previously not an option and enables us to bring a state-of-the-art online education system to our pre-primary and primary school.

Our dream is to equip every Vastfontein teaching facility with an interactive multi-media platform. This will enable teachers and learners to interactively work through curriculum content. This will be possible by making use of large touch screen display systems for the teachers and tablets for the children. Learning material content will include high quality audio and video, obtained from various sources, including online curriculum providers such as Cambridge. The content will be managed by a state-of-the-art educational curriculum planning and management system. This system will be housed on a secure on-site server with a cloud-based back-up facility. Learning material will be distributed to the teaching facilities via high speed cable- and Wi-Fi networks. Our vision is to stream our classes via interactive e-learning channels to neighbouring high schools and so impact more children and teachers in our surrounding communities.

In future we want to build up to 40 care homes, taking care and impacting 240 orphans. We would also like to build a Technical College to equip not only students graduating from our High School, but adults from our communities.

At Vastfontein, leaders are raised and equipped. Their potential is released for them to become the next generation of leaders that will positively impact on our country‘s future.

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Vastfontein Community Transformation was established in 1998 on a small 17ha property with an insurmountable array of possibilities. The property developed gradually with a small handful of volunteers and full-time employees who helped build the dream over time. In 2003 it was registered as a Non-Profit company and started growing into a well-managed organisation with more than 50 employees, two additional properties and many partnerships.

  • Yesterday

    Vastfontein Community Transformation is a non-profit that started in 1998 with as little as 10 children attending Sunday school every Sunday in a shed.
  • Today

    We have an Early Childhood development Centre, Pre-Primary School, Wellness centre, three Care Homes for orphans, a Church and Sunday school, Training centre for lay pastors and rural outreach teams, skills development in the Agriculture and ICT sectors, with a world class Digital Hub
  • Tomorrow

    The vision is to build a Middle School and FET College facility that will offer quality education toward a workplace qualification in Agriculture, ICT, Arts and Music. We are also currently developing our 15ha property in Hammanskraal where we will have a crèche, drop-in centre, clinic, transition house for orphans , agriculture and ICT skills development.

Who We Work With

Vastfontein Community Transformation is governed and managed by:

  • A Board of Directors consisting of senior business people and church clergy;
  • A CEO, reporting to the Board of Directors, responsible for the day-to-day management of Vastfontein;
  • A team of part-time project leaders, responsible for the various projects; and
  • A team of forty (40) fulltime workers.
Vastfontein Community Transformation is governed by a board of directors of which more than 50% are independent non-executive directors. The company is unashamedly ethical, operates under the authority of the Holy Bible and is committed to business integrity, financial accountability and reliable service delivery.


We work with an array of partners who have made many of our dreams a reality.

Being Accountable

We are committed to being fully transparent to the children we work with, our donors, supporters and the public at large.

Vastfontein is a Section 21 company that is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and are also registered under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act to enable donations to be exempt from donations tax – an advantage for our current and future partners, in the business sector, that become part of our journey in raising tomorrow’s leaders.

Important numbers:

Article 21 registration number: 2003/003122/08
Public Benefit Organisation registration number: 930 08 399
Non Profit Organisation registration number: 037-765
Section 18A registration number: RG/0048/02/05

For General Enquiries:
+27 82 903 2894

For School Enquiries:
+27 71 933 6234

Vastfontein is a place where every little face gets a smile and every heart is touched. It is such a privilege to know each person at Vastfontein and to be changed by their love and passion. They make God tangible to anyone who meets them!
Rolindi Devenish, PwC

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