Agriculture Skills Development

Poverty strips our nation’s citizens of self-worth, self-esteem and dignity!

At Vastfontein Community Transformation we restore these traits by not only raising leaders but also through guiding hard-working adults in seeking out leadership roles within their own communities.

One way in which we are changing lives is by assisting micro-farmers to feed themselves and to earn a respectable income on a small piece of land; from a few square meters up to 5 hectares or more.

We focus on the basics, which involves utilising cheaper, but easily accessible tools, equipment and supplies in order to farm successfully.

Our programme sets aside three (3) days for the competency transfer and two (2) days to work on basic personal development. This approach embodies our holistic view of education in transforming the communities around us. This is further emphasized in our training methods which ensure that students receive a hands-on practical tuition while being influenced through theoretical input.

We can accommodate up to 20 students per week where our ex-students are grouped together in order to share the knowledge of the course amongst each other; instilling a sense of community through peer-review.

Our training is followed up with regular mentorship visits. Once the farmers have proven themselves in their communities we assist them with establishing a co-operative for which they attend a 5-day training session on farming together. This enables them to sell to bigger markets and increase their productivity and income.

We have many success stories and are proud that our learners have escalated from a crop yield of a few buckets of maize to over a ton in some cases!

None of this would be possible without our partners in this endeavour: