School Of Church Planting

The School of Church Planting has of­fered numerous students hope, direc­tion and the ability to impact on the lives of others within their communities when they return. Most of all, however, it has acted as a means to spread the Word of God by giving Him a voice in communities where circum­stances are challenging and hope seems a distant reality. This is where the love of God transforms peo­ple’s lives.

It is a privilege to see how the students connect with Him and build their per­sonal, intimate relationship with Him.

The extensive curriculum is based on the Nehemia Bible Institute curriculum. This curriculum, along with basic skills training and career development, better equip students for their careers and forms an integral part of their education at the school.

You can get involved by sponsoring a Church planting student for the 4-month period @ R2800 per month.

5 years in the making

Our School of Church Planting has been operating under the spiritual cover of the Moreleta Community Church since 2008. The course runs for a full-time period of 4 months starting in January & August each year.

All our students reside in the dormitory on Vastfontein’s’s premises.