Wellness Centre

At Vastfontein Community Transformation our concern for the community at large is rooted in our belief that a holistic approach needs to be taken when rebuilding communities from the youth and beyond. With this in mind, we offer the surrounding community, our learners and occupants of our Care homes the following benefits through our Wellness Centre:


We have a professional doctor who visits us on a voluntary basis every Friday. In 2014 she treated just over 1722 people, within the community, which should indicate the necessity of such a small but positive life-changing option for the surrounding villages.


A dentist visits Vastfontein Community Transformation on an annual basis.

Social work

Poverty can breed some unsavoury life decisions which can have a huge effect on the people we deal with on a daily basis. It is for this reason that we have two fulltime social auxiliary workers and one part time social worker on site, who assist learners and the community with various issues that may be holding them back from reaching and fulfilling their true potential.


We have an educational psychologist that evaluate our children and also see some of them for therapy on a voluntary basis once a week. She assists our children with emotional as well as learning difficulties, enabling them to become all they can be.

Dr Elsa Nel joined us recently on a part-time basis and assist not only the two full-time social workers on staff, but helps to look at the mothers in our surrounding community and address their needs. She started with a group of mothers (including our Care Home moms) that meet on a monthly basis to be equipped for the challenges they face and support each other. This is but the beginning of addressing more of the needs in our community.