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Biblical WorldView

Our commitment and responsibility to our learners at Vastfontein Batho Pele Christian School is to provide career focused education that is grounded in sound Biblical Principles and a Christ-Centred view. We believe that Truth is a person, Jesus Christ and that the guidelines for truth are found in the Holy Bible. We believe each learner has God-given potential and it is our mission to discover each one’s unique potential and then assist them in realising that potential. Our aim is to help each learner discover God’s dream for their future and then help them to realise that dream. Our country needs Godly leaders, and we aspire to live out an example of servant leadership and help develop strong, Godly leaders in our school.

We don’t just teach Bible classes but aim to bring biblical truths into each subject we teach and by this instil biblical worldviews into the learners and also equip them to be good ambassadors and apologist of Christianity.

We believe in working in partnership with our parents and would like to involve parents in the development and education of their children in as many ways possible. We would like our parents to understand our Values and work with us in living out Respect, Excellence, Stewardship and Truth in the home as we also strive to instil it in the learners and live it out faithfully as staff of Vastfontein Batho Pele Christian School.

As Christian educators, we live out a calling, committed not only to educate our learners but to teach them how to discern God’s voice as the best Guide to all life’s decisions. We strive to help our learners make Godly choices, Build Christlike character and understand biblical instructions especially regarding submission to authority and love and respect of themselves, others and the environment. As we apply discipline we always walk in love and focus on the truth in Galatians 5:6 which says “Nothing else counts, but faith expressing itself in love”.

faith statement

We Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

In the absolute deity and full humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in His virgin birth, His sinless life, the authority of His miracles, His vicarious and atoning death, His bodily resurrection and His present mediatory work in heaven

We Believe in the Scriptures

That the Scriptures, both Old and New Testament in their original text, are fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, without error, and are the final authority for the church

We Believe in One God

That there is only one God, eternally in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We Believe in the Holy Spirit

In the personality and deity of the Holy Spirit. We believe He gives life, He sanctifies, He empowers and comforts believers

We Believe in the Body of Christ

That the church is the body of Christ composed of all true believers, and that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. The present work of the Church is the worship of God, the perfecting of the saints and the evangelisation of the world

We Believe in Being Saved

That man is saved through repentance and faith in the finished work of Christ. Justification is through grace alone

We Believe in the Return of Jesus

We believe in the personal and bodily return of the Lord Jesus Christ to consummate our salvation and to establish His glorious Kingdom.

We Believe that Man Fell

That man was originally created sinless. Tempted by Satan, man fell and thereby brought the whole race under the condemnation of eternal separation from God