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Baby Care & Creche

Our small but well equipped creche is open from 7am to 6pm weekdays and caters for:

Early Childhood Development – Grades RRR to R

While we focus on the basic education, we also look at the developmental stages and necessary milestones required for each stage. With the help of a qualified occupational therapist (OT) we assess and develop each child.

The OT also points out potential problem areas which gets referred to other professional disciplines who consult with the parents and educators to find tailor made solutions for each situation. Our on-site social worker serves the families with any social needs, while our community development teams assist with physical needs like food, clothes and shelter, while the weekly clinic and medical doctor provide free medical care and support. Our child psychologist, play therapist and counsellor works with the family to empower them in dealing with trauma and behaviour problems. Above all, this multi-dimensional team together with the educators are all born again Christians who bring in the truth of the word of God and approach every aspect with a Biblical worldview and the love of Christ.

For more information, please email us