supporting families and providing workshops to enhance family


providing counselling and psychological assessment and support.


our onsite social worker supports families with advice and social services.


ensuring our learners have food to eat, access to medical care and
appropriate clothing and shelter.


Education and training.


instilling a Biblical worldview and teaching sound doctrine supporting
our faith statement.


supporting families in skills development and encouraging small
business development opportunities for parents and family members.

Breaking the Mold

By moving away from traditional teaching methods to 21 st Century education learners are taught Critical Thinking skills, given the opportunity to be Creative, taught how to collaborate with others and given the confidence to Communicate well. Read more about this in our primary and secondary school brochures.


Seeing our learners as a holistic person in need of more than just education help us grow young leaders with dignity and self esteem. Through this approach we also recognise that everyone is different and that it is our responsibility to identify the potential of each learner and then provide them with the means to realise it fully.

By identifying and nurturing each one’s individual potential and God given gifting, we help our learners to dream about a better future in South Africa and give them the ability to see how it can be realised.